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Компания Инноватсияи ояндасоз работает с Next Group уже более одного года, несмотря на такой малый срок компания доказала, что кредо компании это профессионализм, качество и своевременность. Желаем компании достижение вершин успеха. Быть всегда и во всем лучшими.

Нурматов Мирзонуриддин
Генеральный директор, Инноватсияи ояндасоз

It was great working with Next Group. They were quick, and delivered high quality results. They handled our social marketing campaign, and lead generation activities. I thank them for their services.

Edtech Startup

Next Group and the team are amazing in their jobs. I worked with them for over 2 years to outsource certain tasks including customer service, customer acquisition, telemarketing, social media marketing, data entry, and on-boarding. They delivered the tasks on-time and for an affordable price.

Akobir Akhmedov
Co-founder & CEO at, 4stay.com

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